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Old photos are important part of our history, they play a vital role on how we communicate our history to the upcoming generations and they area callings to our memories, family albums are one of our most important belongings, they are the type of things that are irreplaceble but ironically overlooked often,  thing is, even if stored with care old photos keep ageing and deteriorating and eventually fade.

Things get worse when our photo memories have been affected by real physical damage, torn, wet or burnt , by using Photoshop and our photo restoration skills we can recover, recreate or even recompose a damage photography and make sure your legacy is well preserved. 


Old photo of a cricket team heavily damaged, missing pieces and lost information Photo of a cricket team restored
Original photo before restoration and enlargement, heavily pixelated photograph and the only input supplied by the client Restored photo, enlargement and colourisation resulting in a sharper image
Antique folding camera with bellows and a handheld trigger,

Passion for OLD photo restoration

Saving your family history is what we care about, it is an irreplaceable legacy and it can fade if not treated properly,

We are passionate about hearing the story behind every photo and we love bring these back to life, There is a sense of “doing the right thing” when we repair the damage that time and the environment has caused to your photos so bring them back to you in a better shape is not only our business but also our calling.

Your most precious moments are priceless and we honour this, at Yesterdays we handle every single photo, with extreme care and professionalism and we have different solutions for your specific requirements including:


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To Photo Restoration


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First, we need to understand the level and kind of damage your photo has been exposed to, fingerprints, faded colour, scratches, cracks, torn photos and missing pieces can be fixed, sometimes with astonishing results.

We carefully plan the method of restoration; categorise the level of restoration and if needed, we acquire the necessary assets or visual information to restore your photo.

Our photo editing professionals are able to identify and rectify the most challenging scenarios, get in touch with us and receive a personalised assessment of you photos, family album or photo collection.

Side view of a Kodak No 1 foldable bellows vintage camera
Elsie Fitzgerald family photo restoration before, faded and scratched photo Elsie Fitzgerald family photo to restoration after


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Technology has made scanning old photographs and pictures so much simpler today, you can achieve a really good outcome without the need of powerful equipment.

However, if you want the best outcome of a photo restoration, preserve the original photo in the best condition, advanced equipment, controlled environments, and top-notch scanning techniques are a must.

This means that were can use reprography, raw photos or work from your own scans and yet deliver a good quality photo restoration.


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Old photographs collect dust from the environment, this particles are conformed by many elements that can damage a photo progressively, so scratches are one of the most common defects you can find in an old photograph,

Don’t worry, today there are many ways t remove the scratches from an old photograph  , these include basic editing or advanced scanning and photo restoration techniques.

Let us take care of your precious memories and bring your keepsakes back to life. 

ANZAC Veteran Photo restoration services
Digital painting of a black and white photograph


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Grayscale is literally a thing of the past, we do not only restore your black and white photos, we can certainly colourise B&W photos  to look vivid and almost real.

Your memories can be as colourful as the moments were back then.

We do not live our lives in black and white, therefore colourising your family album and matching the colour palette as close as we can can bring part of the emotional  the years might have taken away.


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We love and respect history as it is the way we connect with our individual and collective past

At Yesterdays we do not only restore photos, we preserve memories stories and legacies, we believe that memories are the best present

 A faded picture in your family album does not need belong in a graveyard of memories it deserves a place in your family genealogy,  and the heart of the  generations to come.

Let your legacy prevail.

Damaged photo of a Noongar (Western Australian Aboriginal tribe), original historical photo supplied by the WA Battye Library though the aboriginal corporation Yokai

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Samples of photography restoration

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