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HOw to fix the Physical damage on your photos

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holes dust and scratches on a child portrait

Dust & Scratches Removal

Photographs are incredibly valuable for our lives, they are a communication channel with the younger generations and a way to preserve our history and pass on our legacy.

If you have plenty of photos stored in an old shoebox or in an album, you need to realise that wether you want it or note, these are degrading day by day as the pass of time do not contribute to preserve them

Physical or mechanical damage is one of the most common causes for photo deterioration, every time you get them out of their album or you scramble them a small amount of deterioration will happen, and things get worse after a fire or a flood. 

Good news are that software such as photoshop or affinity, are an amazing solution to save your photos from disrepair, enhance them or bring them back to shape.


A good scanner is crucial

Scanning is a good way to get your images digitalised and the first step to get your photos into photoshop to make them look they way they used to or even better, hence the importance to get this right since the beginning, (Check on our article tips to scanning photos)

A Scanner provides a controlled environment to process your old photos, there are many options in the market to suit your specific needs, starting from mobile or home versions,  professional flatbed  scanners and up to aereal or drum scanners that provide museum quality results.

Assuming that you own a reasonable quality flatbed scanner you can do this at home following our recommended scanning guidelines including cleaning your scanner, setting up bith and depht, a 600dpi minimum resolution and always scanning in colour (Yes even black and white or sepia photos)

Alternatively you can contact us and send us your photos for bulk scanning (We know how to handle them with care)

But how to scan large sized photos?


Old photo scanning services
Man holding a magnification loupe to assess the damage of a photo prior estimating the photo restoration services

Do not add Dust

When scannig a photo in a good resolution (starting at 600dpi) we are enlarging the area of the photo and therefore enlarging any issues therein contained, as these are going to be severely magnified, we o not wat to add an extra layer of problems by adding dust and other particles onto the scanning process, so make sure that your photo and scanner glass are very clean. 

Have in mind that there are recommended methods and products to clean your scanner so do not take this process lightly and abide to the manufacturer recommendations. Also have in mind that friction can damage your photo further so take the proper preventative measures to preserve them.

Best photo restoration results are often consequence of a good preparation of the photos, a clean scanner and resolution of at least 600dpi and 16 bit depth when scanning.

before & after

graphic vintage item
Photo of a cricket team restored Old photo of a cricket team heavily damaged, missing pieces and lost information

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