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Imagine the joy of unveiling forgotten moments from the past, captured in stunning detail and preserved for generations to come. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art scanning technology to breathe new life into photo slides and revealing the beauty and emotion hidden within.


Submit your slides and analog media in weatherproof and traceable packaging. Once received, we’ll promptly confirm the arrival of your items. Alternatively we can receive these personally via appointment.


Our dedicated team of photo restoration specialists meticulously scan each slide using top-notch scanning practices, ensuring the utmost integrity and preservation of your memories.


Your originals, duplicates, and digital copies of your slides will be returned to you by mail and digitally through our dashboard, WeTransfer, or Dropbox for your convenience.

Unlock Your Memories: Seamlessly Transforming Slides to Digital Keepsakes!

In this era of digital advancements, slide scanning has become a DIY possibility, achievable with a digital camera or smartphone for basic needs. But, back then, photography had three primary forms: slides (reversal film) negatives or prints.

Slides, particularly the common 35mm format, were small positive film cutouts framed in cardboard or plastic, harboring cherished moments.

While scanning photos and slides individually or in bulk may have limitations, today’s cutting-edge digital scanners and smartphones promise excellent results, transforming slides into digital formats like JPEG or .TIFF, opening doors for new prints and visualisations.

Yet, for superior quality and the preservation of your invaluable memories, entrusting a professional scanning service becomes the key, A professional touch ensures the highest fidelity , colour balance, damage supression  and detail preservation in each image.

At Yesterdays, we specialise in the seamless transfer of your slides and scan negative film. We elegantly transform them into an array of formats for photo printing or visualisation, elevating your memories to custom videos, presentations, or animated photo slideshows. Rediscover your legacy in every vibrant detail.

Slide digitising of a selection of plastic framed slides
35mm Slide with plastic sleeve

Slide into the Past:

Discovering the Unique World of Vintage Slide Formats

35mm slides

A 35mm slide housed in a cardboard frame, displaying a timeless image captured with vivid colors and fine detail. The slide embodies the nostalgic charm of vintage photography, showcasing a scene from an era preserved within its compact frame
35mm slide


Enter the realm of visual nostalgia with the ubiquitous 35mm Slide, a hallmark of the late ’70s’ photographic landscape. Revered as the most prevalent slide format, this icon symbolises an era steeped in visual storytelling.

Crafted as a set of positive images extracted from your film negatives, these slides find their sanctuary within a plastic or cardboard framework. Each slide carefully ensconced, adorned with precise cutouts or guides, ready to be seamlessly positioned and directed upon a projector.

The 35mm Slide, a cherished relic of yesteryears, stands testament to an age where every framed image ignited a visual tale, transporting audiences through a montage of captured moments.

126 Slides

126 Slide


Step into the world of the 126 Slide, a cousin akin to the 35mm slide, yet with its own unique allure. Sharing the embrace of a sleeve, these slides unveil a distinctive charm—a square film cutout measuring 28mm x 28mm, deviating from its intended 26mm heritage.

In a twist of dimensions, this slide’s film window extends to a square frame, offering a slightly larger canvas than its intended namesake. Kodak, in its innovation, ushered in the era of the 126 slide with plastic sleeves, later transitioning to the frugality of cardboard frames akin to the 35mm slides.

Witness the evolution of the 126 slide, traversing through the embrace of sleeves—from the plastic sheath to the familiar cardboard cradle, each frame preserving moments within its squared sanctuary, weaving a nostalgic tale of its own

127 Slides (46mm)

127 slide scanning guide
127 Slide


mong the tapestry of 127 slides, emerges the enigmatic 127 Slide at 46mm—a deviation that etches its name among the classics. With a distinctive film width, standing apart at 46mm, this slide crafts its singular story within the 127 format.

Preserving the 127 slide’s essence while embracing a narrower canvas, this variation redefines storytelling within a more confined frame. Its specialised dimensions invite an exploration of creativity, fostering a distinct visual narrative that diverges from its standard 127 counterparts.

Witness the allure of the 127 Slide (46mm) as it whispers tales within its unique dimensions, offering a compact yet evocative space for photographic storytelling

120 Medium Format

110 pocket or miniature slide scanning guide
120 Slide


Stepping into the 120 Medium Format Slide, one enters a realm of photographic grandeur. This revered format, known for its larger dimensions, presents images of exquisite detail and depth. With a generous frame, often varying between 60mm x 60mm, 60mm x 45mm, or 60mm x 90mm, this majestic slide captures scenes with an immersive richness, elevating storytelling through its expansive canvas.

As a cherished favorite among discerning photographers, the 120 Medium Format Slide reigns supreme in the realm of visual narratives. Its larger-than-life stature and detailed imagery stand as a testament to its revered status among the cherished relics of vintage photography.

110 Pocket Film

110 miniature slide scanning guide
110 Slide


The 110 slide, akin to the famed 110 film cartridge, harkens back to the 1970s, a time when compactness ruled the world of photography. This format, born from the iconic cartridge, was beloved for its petite size, fitting snugly into the palm of one’s hand.

Renowned for its simplicity and small stature, this “pocket slide” captured moments effortlessly, creating smaller images ideal for casual prints or mementos. As an ode to this historic cartridge, the 110 slide encapsulates the charm and nostalgia of that bygone era, preserving its compact essence for modern-day photography enthusiasts.

127 Superslide

127 Super slide slide scanning guide
127 Super Slide


Behold the Red Herring of Slides: The enigmatic 127 Super Slide at 48mm, a fabled variation nestled within the lore of photography. Whispers weave tales of this elusive deviation from the classic 127 slide, boasting an uncommon film width. Said to retain the essence of the original format while offering a specialised perspective, this legendary rarity emerges as a red herring among vintage slides, cloaked in the mystique of a treasured collectible.

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