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The art of photo restoration

The art of photo restoration

1800's daguerreotype of a woman looking at a man and putting her hand in his shoulder
Retouching a picture is a challenging endeavour that calls for not just technical know-how but also an aesthetic sensibility and a lot of effort and patience.


In the digital age, photo restoration has become a viable and growing art. You have an old family photo that is faded, cracked or scratched. You can’t get rid of it because it’s a window into your past. The good news is that you don’t need to throw away the image that’s gone bad — you can restore it and make it look like new again!

In My blog,  I will regularly share some tips on how to restore or digitise your old photos and preserve those memories for years to come.

Although the artificial intelligence technologies we see today, are ideal for casual editing or for building a platform or foundation for a restoration workflow, it takes a genuine digital artist to produce the finest details from an old or damaged image. Photo restoration is a pure art that necessitates a substantial amount of talent, a good eye and patience.

Fixing photos digitally is an art

Fixing an old photo is not an easy task. It requires skill, patience and a lot of hard work. To fix a photo correctly it takes time and dedication to the restoration process. The first step in restoring any photograph is to determine what is wrong with it as well as what tools you need to fix the problem that was identified during a photo damage assessment stage. The next step involves making sure all of your tools are working properly before beginning on the actual restoration steps themselves (this may require taking apart some pieces or cleaning them if they’re dirty). Once everything has been prepped it’s time for actual work: now comes all those little details like color correction and dust removal which can take hours upon hours depending on how much time you’re willing to spend on each individual piece (and how many images there are).

Photo colourisation services
restoring old photographs

Choose a restorer who cares for your history

If you’re going to have your photo restored, you should choose a restorer who cares about history. Not just any old local person can do it. You want someone who is passionate about preserving the past and will treat your family’s history with respect and dignity. When you find a professional whose work has been praised by others in the field, it’s likely that they are trustworthy and affordable. A sharp eye for detail shows professionalism, while honesty is essential when dealing with something as precious as an heirloom photograph.

Anyone can fix old photos

Restoring old photos is a skill that anyone can learn. If you have an old family photo, there’s a good chance it could use some help in the restoration department. It’s not an easy process, but with practice and patience you’ll be able to restore your great-grandmother’s wedding picture into something beautiful that future generations can cherish forever.

faded photo of cricket players prior restoration
Old photo of a cricket team heavily damaged, missing pieces and lost information

Photography is window into the past, your past!

Photography indeed is a window into history and it can be a way to connect with your family, your ancestors and even yourself. As you work on restoring an old photo, think about all of the people who have touched that photograph in years gone by: the photographer who took it, any assistants helping out behind the scenes, perhaps others present at the time it was taken such as family members or friends.

It is impossible to tell how many times a photo has traveled around in its lifetime—from one family member’s home to another; from one box in storage to another; from one house to another; maybe even from one country or continent! This is why it’s important not only for us as restorers but also for our clients—who may be descendants of those pictured within an image—to do our best work so we don’t risk damaging these precious windows into their pasts with poor restoration techniques.

Veterans have seen more than anyone else can imagine

The veterans who have served in our country’s highest offices understand that there is no greater gift than being able to share your story. They know that the world can be made a better place if we listen to each other and work together toward common goals.

Your veteran will love showing off their medals and badges, as well as their stories about serving our country. Many veterans took pride in their jobs while they were serving, even though they weren’t always comfortable with them at first. Your veteran may have been surprised by how much they grew to enjoy what they were doing, especially if it was something new or exciting like driving tanks or shooting guns! Veterans are very proud of their service—they want everyone else around them to feel proud too!

For us restoring a veteran photo is a privilege and we are always keen o honour the trust deposited in us.

Old photo restoration services in perth, damage assessment of an old photo
Betty Mac Fadgen riding a tricycle

Black and white photos have stories to tell

Black and white photos have their own unique qualities. They are more evocative, more authentic, more timeless and artistic than colour photos. They can tell stories that would otherwise be lost to time. People often think of black and white photographs as old-fashioned because they associate them with the past; however, many modern photographers still use this style because they appreciate its simplicity and ability to convey an emotion through lighting or composition.

Black and white photography is also used in graphic design because it makes images clearer than colour photos—it’s easier on the eyes! A black-and-white image will pop out at you from a busy page without being distracting or overwhelming like colour could be in certain situations (like when there’s too much going on).

Is your photo faded, cracked or scratched? Turn it into a work of art.

Old photos are like old friends: You want to keep them around for as long as possible. But if the years have taken their toll on your old snapshots, don’t despair—photo restoration is here to help!

These days, people treasure their family photographs more than ever before. When my parents passed away many years ago I was left with a box of old photos and letters that they had saved over many decades. It was amazing to discover how much time and effort they had put into saving these precious documents; it seemed important to me that I should do the same for my own family’s memories. This led me to start collecting other people’s memories too—old family photos from flea markets or friends’ attics were often quite faded and damaged by exposure to light or water damage but could be cleaned up with some care and expertise on behalf of those who know what they’re doing when it comes time for restoration work such as this one here (see image).

However, in some occasions colouring a black and white photo can provide us with amazing results and a deep connection with historical moments and

We can help restoring your old photographs

If you have a photo that needs to be restored such as your wedding photographs, family heirlooms or portraits, there are plenty of options available. You may even have an old family member who’s willing to help out! If not, at Yesterday’s Photo restoration can assist you with your project, our experience, respect for your history and a trained eye for detail we can turn your faded memories into works of art that will last forever, sometimes restoring what seems to be non-restorable.

Old photo restoration services in perth, damage assessment of an old photo

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