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Enlarge & embellish your cherished memories

Boost Image size and clarity for your photos!

and bring your blurry photos back to life!

Experience the Magic of Photo Enlargement! Make Your Photos Larger and Sharper, Just as You Remember Them! At our photo service, we delicately refine fuzzy pictures, striving to restore clarity while preserving their familiar, original feel. Our commitment lies in reviving your cherished memories while safeguarding their authentic essence.

Original photo before restoration and enlargement, heavily pixelated photograph and the only input supplied by the client Restored photo, enlargement and colourisation resulting in a sharper image

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Did you know that we can enlarge your photos?

Yes, we're equipped to upscale most of your low-resolution images, whether they're small prints or digital.

When it comes to enlarging images, it’s a real challenge in our photo restoration work. Getting rid of fuzziness and blur can seem demanding, especially when starting with a small digital picture.

You see, digital images are made up of pixels per inch (PPI). If we try to make a picture bigger using the usual methods, it ends up in Pixelated images, the tiny squares that compose an image, become visible and losing its overall quality.

This occurs when an image is enlarged beyond its original size or resolution, causing the pixels to stretch and lose their clarity. When this happens, the image appears blocky or jagged, lacking smoothness and detail. It’s akin to looking at a picture made up of large, visible squares instead of a seamless and clear visual. Generally, pixelation degrades the quality and sharpness of an image, impacting its overall appearance and making it challenging to discern finer details.

But here’s the good news: technology and computer smarts, like artificial intelligence (AI), can really help in making pictures larger and better for fixing them up. However, these AI-generated changes do have their limits. Sometimes, they might mess with the original look of the photo, leaving behind distorted images or weird artifacts. That’s where a proper damage assessment and human expertise and an artistic photo restoration touch really shine.

Even with tools like Adobe Photoshop and its cool “preserve details 2.0” option, it’s still really important to understand that the real magic comes from skill and craftsmanship. Not every photo can be fixed with just a few clicks.

Original image featuring visible pixels before undergoing our restoration process. The woman's face lacked clarity and appeared pixelated. Enhanced image post-processing by our expert photo restoration team, showcasing a clear, refined depiction with no visible pixels. The woman's face appears remarkably crisp and detailed

Our way of working isn’t just about tools and tech. We pay attention to scanning properly and digging into materials and textures. We’ve got our own special set of moves and brushes to make photos as good as they can be.

When it comes to making photos bigger, scanning them directly from the negatives or transparencies is usually the best bet, although many people forget about this option. If you’re looking to scan your photos yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

low resolution image before enlargement and enhancement Photo enlargement and resizing result after applying our photo enlargement algorithm and showing excellent signs of detail recovery and photo enhancement

Fix blurry and pixelated Photographs

Despite your best effort sometimes you do not have access to an original photo to perform a good image scan, this may happen for many reasons; 

However, not all is lost as most of the images can be totally or partially recovered, at yesterdays photo restoration we can help!

Our photograph restoration enlargement process involves:

Tailoring your images for perfect sharing and viewing

Our photo enlargement process can preserve the original file format or convert your files to JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF and PNG and export in your desired colour profile.

Low-resolution images used to be a challenge to restore, especially when some damage is present, hence our process may involve a restoration process before upsampling your image as it will prevent enlarging unwanted defects on the input photograph.

We can improve the condition and structure of the original picture you provide us with, using methods such as interpolation, bicubic smoother and bicubic sharper, bilinear and preserve details 2.0 for enlargement and nearest neighbour pixel selection.

Although not all photos are likely to be enlarged, we can achieve outstanding results. We can automate the enlargement until a certain level. The rest is just the magic of our craftsmanship.

We also put a lot of love and the artistic touch using the Procreate app in the iPad ensuring that your photo enlargement turn into a piece of art.

See the amazing changes!

Low Resolution and pixelated image before our editing works Edited image after enlargement using photoshop and procreate

Making small digital photos big and clear!

Our photo restoration specialists can assist you upscaling small images avoiding significant noise distortion or quality loss caused during the process, get in touch and let us show you the bigger picture

Depending on the condition and quality of the input, our algorithm and resampling methods can reduce distortion, sharpen blurry areas, noise and “artifacts” significantly and in some cases recover details and convert a low resolution photo into a sharp high-resolution master piece

Discover more about our advanced restoration techniques and methods in our comprehensive guide on ‘Scanning Tips for Effective Photo Restoration

Photo Enlargement sample, a blurry photo of grapes next to a sharper and detailed set of grapes, same section of a photo showing evident quality upgrades

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